Terms and Conditions 2019

To complete any booking at the Harbourside Market, you confirm you have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions.

  1. Bookings
    1. Before booking a pitch, all traders must complete an application (using the appropriate form on the Harbourside Market website) and have been accepted.
    2. Pitch reservations can only be made using the online booking form.
    3. Reservations by email are only possible when the online form is not available.
    4. No pitch reservation is made (or payment due) until you have received confirmation from the Market management.
  2. Payment
    1. Pitch bookings are confirmed by invoice, and payment is due on the Monday of the week before the week in which the first trading date on the invoice falls.
    2. Block bookings must be paid in full.
    3. Without pre-payment, no booking is guaranteed; if you do not make payment on or before the payment deadline, your booking may be cancelled.
    4. Any discount included with the booking is contingent upon the invoice being paid on or before the due date.  Paying the discounted amount after a discount has been removed will leave an outstanding amount  still to be paid.
  3. Cancellations
    1. Stallholders may transfer or cancel a confirmed trading date (except dates booked at the Harbourside Christmas Market) by email notification to the Harbourside Market no later than 7-days before the pitch being cancelled.
    2. Pitch fees are non-refundable.
    3. Each cancelled or transferred date is subject to a £5 administration fee.
    4. Bookings cancelled by stallholders after the transfer deadline (see 3.1. above) are last minute cancellations, and charged at the full fee.
    5. Following 3.1 above, bookings at the Harbourside Christmas Market cannot be cancelled or transferred at all.
    6. Stallholders who repeatedly cancel/transfer dates (in excess of 5 dates in a 3 month period), will be charged the full fee for subsequent cancellations, and may be offered fewer  trading dates in future.
    7. The Harbourside Market reserves the right to cancel a pitch booking, area of the Market, or trading date whenever the Management decides that it would be or may be unsafe to proceed.
    8. The Harbourside Market reserves the right to decide how to handle fees paid towards such pitches or dates; it will not necessarily be appropriate or possible to provide refunds or credits, in full or in part.
    9. When the Market is cancelled due to bad weather, a 50% credit note will usually be applied to transfer the pitch fees paid for the cancelled date onto future bookings.
  4. Trading Hours
    1. Market trading hours are obligatory.
    2. Stallholders should be ready to trade when the Market opens, and will not be allowed to set-up and trade if arriving after the opening time.
    3. Stalls should not be packed down before the end of the day, regardless of stock level or sales.
    4. If you have to leave the Market before closing time, please find and inform the site manager before packing up.
  5. Communication
    1. On trading days, there will always be an site manager present, with whom you will be able to discuss any issues face-to-face.
    2. At all other times, stallholders can communicate with The Harbourside Market by email.  We will respond as soon as possible, but receive dozens of emails every day and it can sometimes take a week or more.
  6. Business Identity and Presentation
    1. Stallholders should display well-made signage (professionally designed & printed is best) to explain their stall and promote their products.
    2. All stallholders must use a table cloth.
    3. The Harbourside Market expects stalls to continually develop and improve the aesthetic of their stall.
    4. All street food stall holders must own an event-standard gazebo and bring 104kgs of metal weights (8 x 13kgs) every time they trade.
  7. Insurance
    1. All stallholders must have public liability insurance: in the Makers’ Market, to at least £2,000,000; in the food area, to at least £5,000,000.
    2. All traders should have immediate access to the policy certificate every time they trade (either digitally or printed).
  8. Certification
    1. All stallholders who sell food or drink products must be registered with their local authority and have a valid, nationally recognised food hygiene certificate to at least level 2, which they should have access to every time they trade at the Market.
  9. Safe use of Appliances
    1. It is the responsibility of stallholders to ensure that all electrical appliances are regularly PAT-tested and have correct, up-to-date certification.
    2. Gas appliances should have an in-date gas hose, recent safety certificate, and must be fitted with a flame safety device.
    3. Gas cylinders must be treated according to the manufacturer’s safety guidelines.
    4. All traders with cooking equipment (ovens, wood, charcoal & gas burners, grills, toasters, etc) must bring a fire blanket, and store it visibly and within easy reach.
    5. Stallholders are not permitted to use any appliances that have not been notified to the Market Management in the application form or by email.
    6. Heaters are not permitted.
    7. A 13amp power supply can be provided for a £3 fee.
  10. Waste
    1. Stallholders must take any non-customer waste (packaging, cardboard, food waste) off-site at the end of the day.
    2. All food packaging, utensils, drinks containers etc. given to customers must be fully compostable.
    3. All street food traders in gazebos must protect the full area beneath their pitch (usually 3x3m) with an impermeable sheet.  Any stains caused by grease or spills (or other damage caused by traders) will have to be professionally cleaned/restored, and the costs passed on to the trader involved.
  11. Conduct
    1. Stallholders are expected to be polite and respectful towards each other, Market staff, and the public at all times.
    2. Stallholders must conduct themselves appropriately at all times, including:
    1. Avoiding coming to trade if you have not received confirmation of your booking;
    2. Avoid arriving late or continuing to trade beyond the market’s opening hours.
    3. Only trading from the pitch you have been allocated, and not moving or swapping without discussing it with the site manager;
    4. Only trading during the Market’s advertised trading hours;
    5. Not shouting promotions to the passing public;
    6. Never smoking (including e-cigarettes) near any of the stalls, or in the seating area/public walkways;
    7. Never drinking alcoholic drinks whilst trading;
    8. Keeping the area around your stall clean and tidy, and taking away all trader waste;
    9. Not imposing on or disrupting another stallholder’s trading space;
    10. Never behaving in an anti-social manner towards other stallholders, Market management, or the public; and
    11. Avoiding any reputational damage to the Market, or otherwise frustrating the operation of the Market management and trader community.
  12. Misconduct
    1. The Harbourside Market operates a ‘three strikes’ policy.  Stallholders will be notified, by email, whenever the site managers record actions in breach of the Market’s rules and expectations.
    2. Subsequent notifications for the same problem will be flagged, and following the third we will have to review, suspended or terminate your right to trade at the Market.
    3. Serious misconduct amounting to gross misconduct will result in the immediate cancellation or suspension of all future pitches booked by the stallholder concerned.
    4. Should a stallholder’s relationship with the Market be terminated in either case, pitch fees paid in advance will not be refundable.
  13. Contact
    1. By submitting your application you agree to add your email address to our contact database.  We will only use these details to inform you of trading opportunities at future Markets that we hold.
    2. We will not pass your details on to any third parties.
    3. If you DO NOT wish to hear from us about future trading dates and opportunities, please let us know by email to hello@theharboursidemarket.co.uk